MSFT are trying to further weaken Red Hat more publicly

So this was an email that got the other day.

“””FYI to the SUSE fan base, vmware and MSFT are trying to further weaken Red Hat more publicly it seems by excluding RHEL as a listed Linux o/s in their cloud offerings. SUSE is always on the support list for vmware and MSFT!””” with a link to this post

Now I don’t think I have to say that this came from someone employed at a certain company that starts with an “S” and ends with an “E”. I have nothing against the company or this person that sent the email because I understand where that persons motives are. But don’t try to sell me on something because two big influential companies are potentially playing a game for children.

If the statements made in the post are true what good does it do for either Microsoft or VMware to not support RHEL if customers want it? Especially for VMware who doesn’t truly have an OS of it’s own. Virtualization has become a commodity and “cloud”, at least infrastructure as a service (IaaS), will soon be as well. If a “provider” does not want to “provide” what good are they?

I’d strongly agree to this statement in the post “””Either way, partners and customers should object and demand Red Hat Enterprise Linux in both clouds…””. So to end this rant I’m not even sure if the guy read the post because it’s geared more around how not supporting RHEL is more of a bad thing for both these companies IaaS offering.