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VMware Virtual SAN, the buzz is starting to sting!

March 7, 2020

VMware officially introduced us to Virtual SAN yesterday. They showed what features to expect and statements from users of the product and industry analysis. Lately VMware announcements are filled with buzz. Now if you don’t know about VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) here are the basics. Features vSAN will come embedded in the vSphere kernel so...
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Does the enterprise need open source cloud platform

January 14, 2020

This is a question that came up which made me wonder why does the enterprise really need an open source cloud platforms like Openstack, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, etc. What I tend to hear is that our IT needs to be more like AWS, Rackspace or Azure but what does that really mean? When I dissect...
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MSFT are trying to further weaken Red Hat more publicly

September 4, 2020

Now I don't think I have to say that this came from someone employed at a certain company that starts with an "S" and ends with an "E". I have nothing against the company or this person that sent the email because I understand where that persons motives are. But don't try to sell...
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PHD Virtual Backup 6.5

August 27, 2020

PHD Virtual Backup has been updated to 6.5 and with this upgrade comes a few very important new features. If you have seen any of my previous reviews of this product you’ll note that I’m using it to backup and protect VMware vSphere virtual machines. This version supports vSphere 5.1 and comes in an...
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Cleanup and remove those vCenter Server plugins that have errors

February 11, 2020

Do you have vCenter plugins that you need to get removed. Well here is a quick easy tip.
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An alternative to a soon to be unsupported VMware Lab Manager

February 6, 2020

For those of you who are still using vCenter Lab Manager the time is growing near till it’s End of Life (EOL). A couple years ago VMware announced that it has discontinued further major releases of the product. Taken from the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix Lab Manager 4 will end general May of this...
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PHD Virtual Backup 6.1 is out.

December 3, 2020
PHD Virtual Backup 6.1 Rollback Recovery

PHD Virtual Backup has another update that brings with it features that help enhance an already great backup solution for VMware virtualized guests. PHD Virtual Backup 6.1 now has a feature called Rollback Recovery. With this feature you’ll be able to do a full VM restore from a PHD Virtual Backup much faster than...
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My “VM” is Bigger Than Yours! Who really cares?

November 1, 2020

I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm really over hearing how big of a VM a vendor can create or the promise of 1 million IOPS. This really became annoying while sitting in a presentation about Microsoft's latest version of Hyper-V but VMware, you also think the size of your "V" M is...
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Embotics V-Commander and VMware vCloud Director

October 18, 2020
Embotics V-Commander and VMware vCloud Director

vCloud Director and V-Commander are both solutions that are designed to help companies move pass plain ole virtualization. With the latest release of vSphere 5.1 those licensed with vSphere Enterprise Plus have to the option for a limited time to get a free upgrade to the new vCloud Suite Standard which includes vCloud Director...
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Getting started with vCloud Director 5.1 - first steps

September 25, 2020

This past weekend I decided to dive into VMware vCloud Director 5.1. Nothing fancy, just a small setup in a lab environment for testing, learning, and just getting a feel for what all the product could do for me and/or my customers. I figured this can't be that hard with only a "vmware-vcloud-director-5.1.0-810718.bin" file...
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