CloudStack 4.3 cloud platform is now available

April 1, 2014
cloudstack 4.3 login page

CloudStack 4.3 was released last week. There are plenty of new features and improvements added to what was already a great cloud platform. The release comes ahead of the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, which is next week April 9 – 11th. There are way too many new features to go through but I’m glad to see dynamic compute offerings, LDAP user provisioning and database high availability support get added to this version. Remote VPN access for VPC networks and Hyper-V...
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V-Commander now supports Amazon AWS EC2

March 27, 2014
vcommander aws

Embotics V-Commander is marketed as cloud management software but until version 5.0.x it’s only supported VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. With the release of 5.x, Embotics V-Commander is truly entering the realm of Cloud Management starting with Amazon EC2. V-Commander is clearly the easiest virtualization or cloud management software I have ever installed but its strengths do not end there. V-Commander is basically and overlay for multiple virtualization platforms that provides further value in it’s ability to offer...
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VMware Virtual SAN, the buzz is starting to sting!

March 7, 2014
Source: VMware

VMware officially introduced us to Virtual SAN yesterday. They showed what features to expect and statements from users of the product and industry analysis. Lately VMware announcements are filled with buzz. Now if you don’t know about VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) here are the basics. Features vSAN will come embedded in the vSphere kernel so that there is no other software to install in your environment. Provides highly available shared storage Takes advantage of high performance flash Integrated with the...
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Automating Apache Cloudstack Deployments with Ansible

February 18, 2014

I wrote a post awhile back about using node.js, ansible, and python to do my apache cloudstack installation. Ansible is great but I basically used python to make using ansible a bit more easy since there are a few things with any ansible setup which needs to be remembered. One of those things is the ansible hosts that gets used.
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Nodejs, Ansible and Cloudstack Deployment

January 21, 2014

This might be a strange combination but I was looking for an easier more repeatable way of installing and setting up the foundational components of Apache CloudStack. It’s the evolution of all things right? You typically have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. I started this adventure of automating my processes and configurations with Saltstack. Saltstack is a great configuration management and orchestration solution. While Saltstack started off to be well suited for what I...
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My New Years Resolution 2014

January 7, 2014
new years

The new year has come and most people are making there resolutions clear as to what they plan on doing this time around. For some it may be a repeat of the old with small tweaks and for others a huge overhaul is needed in their life. I know you probably don’t want to read another persons goals for the new year but if you keep reading on that’s exactly what your going to get.
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CloudStack 4.2 and LDAP Authentication

December 18, 2013
CloudStack 4.2 and LDAP Authentication

Need to leverage Active Directory (AD) authentication in CloudStack? Well here's how it can be done. I much simpler in 4.2 than it used to be and can be configured from the management portal. One of the only complaints is that you'll still need to create an account in CloudStack then map an attribute from those accounts to an AD attribute. Let's get started.
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CentOS Linux Template Networking Issue

October 29, 2013

If you have every created a linux virtual machine template you’ve probably experienced the issue where a new ethernet device would be created on each VM instance created from that template. For those that have not found the resolution to this problem are in for a treat if your working with CentOS or RHEL. All thats needed is to delete the “/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules” file right before you shutdown the vm and make it a template.
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Cloudstack: API and Template Building Tip #1

October 28, 2013

The tip I have for you this time is to use CloudStacks interface for accessing meta-data about you instance from within the instance. It’s very simple to use and can be very useful. In this tip I’ll show how you can use the meta-data to rename a CentOS 6.4 linux instance automatically after it is created. But first lets introduce the meta-data interface for CloudStack.
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Hyper-V: Virtual Switch Issue

October 3, 2013
Hyper-V: Virtual Switch Issue

So I had this issue and wanted to post how I was able to fix it, if not to help someone else who may be faced with this problem, to help me remember if I run into it again. The error is show below. "An error occurred while trying to retrieve a list of virtual switches" which doesn't really mean much in helping you solve the problem.
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